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Macarons – French delicacy by Delicatera

If you are looking for a refined, elegant and aromatic dessert, then macarons boxes by Delicatera are the perfect choice for you. These French cookies are made with almond meringue and filled with delicious creams of different flavors and colors.

At Delicatera, we offer you a wide range of macarons, prepared according to authentic recipes and with best quality ingredients. Macarons are quite demanding sweets that require a lot of attention and patience. To get that perfect texture – slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – we make sure to use the highest quality ingredients and follow all the necessary steps in the making process.

A sweet gift – Delicatera Macarons

If you want to offer a sweet and original gift, the macaron boxes by Delicatera are an excellent option. You can personalize the macarons, choosing messages, images or symbols to represent the occasion or the person you are offering the gift to. For example, you can choose from "Happy Birthday!", "I love you!", "Congratulations!" or anything else you want. You can also decide on colors and flavors to match the theme of the gift.

An elegant box of macarons can be gifted on multiple occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, International Women`s Day, as a birthday gift, wedding favor, or any other special event. Macarons are desserts that combine beauty, taste and sophistication, being the ideal gift for the loved ones.

Macarons București

Ajungem rapid în București și zonele limitrofe din Ilfov, eliminând astfel orice preocupare legată de ambalaj sau prezentarea impecabilă a deserturilor tale preferate. Ne asumăm responsabilitatea pentru toate detaliile, permițându-ți să te concentrezi exclusiv pe bucuria de a împărtăși aceste delicii franțuzești cu persoanele dragi. Pentru pragul minim menționat mai jos, nu percepem costuri suplimentare.

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We cover, without additional costs, all sectors in Bucharest for orders of at least 300 lei, and Ilfov area for orders of at least 600 lei.

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