Serve a hot snack that reminds you of the food from your holidays in France, comforts you and makes you feel good. Time passes better when you serve your friends or colleagues with hot and tasty delicacies.


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Delicatera hot platters

Want to enjoy some appetizing and nourishing hot snacks? Then, don't hesitate to order from the variety of hot dishes from Delicatera. We offer you a variety of hot dishes, made with natural and tasty ingredients. Whether you choose a steak platter or a vegetarian one, rest assured you will be delighted with the flavor and quality of Delicatera products.

How about a culinary trip to the world's most famous cuisines? If you are a fan of Asian or Italian cuisine, we recommend the delicacies that we love to prepare for the hot platters inspired by different countries typical dishes. For example, a hot Italian platter includes, among others, chicken breast Caprese, pork tenderloin with prosciutto and pastry mushrooms, but also chicken with parmesan.

Delicatera hot platters menu – Goodies selection

A warm Delicatera platter is generous enough to satisfy the hunger and appetite of 5 people. But if you are preparing for a meeting between friends, work colleagues or business partners or for a larger event, to celebrate a certain occasion, we recommend you choose several types of hot platters from our selection of goodies.

Do you need ideas to combine the types of hot plates? For example, the vegetarian hot plate would work wonders alongside the Asian platter. Or you can choose the fish & chips platter, alongside the Italian one.

Warm Food Platters in Bucharest

Enjoy the efficiency of our services in Bucharest and the surrounding Ilfov area, with no additional costs for orders that meet a minimum threshold. Concerns about packaging or aesthetic presentation are our responsibility. All you need to do is relax and savor the warm platters with your close ones!

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Delicatera Goodies at Your Doorstep

We cover, without additional costs, all sectors in Bucharest for orders of at least 300 lei, and Ilfov area for orders of at least 600 lei.

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